Game of Throws

August 16th, 4pm to 8pm

Come And Play Anytime
AUG 16th 4pm-8pm
Winners Announced 8:30pm and Online

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Bossy Acres Club Farm Fun Adventures and Games

Game of Throws

Game of Throws Tournament is fun for all ages. Each contestant is playing for the highest score in Redneck Skeeball, Barnyard Bocce, and 6 Pin Horse Shoes. Contestants can play one of the games or all of them. It will take a little over an hour to play all tournament games. There will be high score winners of each game and a Overall Tournament Champion who has the highest combined score from all games played.

Tournament Prizes

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Tournament Map

Bossy Acres Club Game of Throws Tournament

Tournament Games

Barnyard Bocce

Each player selects their ball to throw, 4 to 6 people take turns throwing to the tires on the map in number order. 1 point if you hit the tire, 2 points if your ball stays inside the tire. Every person gets the same number of throws to each tire. When someone scores the round ends for that tire, so everyone may not score points every tire. Max game score 24 points

Redneck Skeeball

Each player takes their turn throwing 15 pool balls 30 feet at targets with points ranging from 1 to 5. Each player throws 3 rounds of 15 balls and adds up their 3 round total. Max game score 225

6Pin Horse Shoes

Each player takes their turn throwing 4 Horse Shoes at a Triangle of 6 pins. 1 point for every horse shoe within a horse shoe from a pin, 2 points for touching, 3 points for a ringer. Each player throws 3 rounds of 4 horse shoes and adds their 3 round total. Max game score 36 points

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